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Sheri Melander-Smith, MBA
Speaker, TV Host, Former International Model

Sheri Melander-Smith:

Sheri Melander-Smith is a highly sought-after inspirational and motivational keynote speaker. In her presentation, Sheri describes how she went from being a disabled child, to an international fashion model and soap opera actress.  Sheri went on to graduate with a BA in psychology from UCLA.  Sheri also went to graduate school and received her MBA degree.  Later in life however, the disability came back and has left her in a wheelchair.  Sheri has since created a new life for herself.  Today, Sheri is not only successful, but she beams with radiant joy and has finally found real happiness.

Sheri shares her story in a down-to-earth, authentic and heartwarming style.  Sheri’s incredible life journey mesmerizes audience members with its ups and downs, twists and turns.  Sheri understands how to overcome enormous obstacles and setbacks.  After hearing Sheri speak, your audience will gain a

new perspective
* renewed hope that anything is possible
* empowered belief of "I CAN"
* refueled endurance to "Never Give Up"
* sense of inspiration to make the best of any situation.

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Sheri Melander-Smith
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Sheri Melander-Smith 

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My Philosophy

Life is a gift. Regardless of whether we win or lose, we can always choose to be happy, to create a better life for ourselves ?moment by moment.  Joy comes from the heart and is not based on circumstances but on choice.  What do you choose?  Embrace your given life.

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